Sunday, September 27, 2009

A good week ending with Murph

I can proudly say that I completed every workout except for the Tuesday swim. As previously stated, I was punished at the beginning of the week with 500 squats. I was sore until Thursday. I stretched out Tuesdays ride to compensate for the fact that I did not get a swim in. Basically, I did a good warm-up and a good warm-down. Wed was an Aerobic bike - Dave and I biked in the darkness of morning. Legs were tired, but I was o.k. because I was sucking Dave's wheel. Thursday - swam late afternoon, knew if I waited until evening I would have blown it off. The swim felt really good - I swam a total of 1,600 yards in a half hour split up as two 500's and a 600. I felt like I could have kept going which is an encouraging thought. Did weights, bike and run in the evening. Biked on trainer - ran outside - it was quite cool.

Saturday was the fun workout. This was Murph. It was either the 3rd or 4th time it hit the schedule and only the second time I completed the whole workout. I finished it in 1:08:57 (this is the first time I timed it from start to finish - last time I just timed the two runs). I ran the first mile in 6:45. I actually surprised myself as I did not think I had a 6:45 mile in me. At least not yet. I don't know how to get my splits out of my watch, but I'm curious as to what the last mile run was - certainly no faster than 7:15. I find the pull-ups to be the absolute hardest part of the workout. If it was not for the pull-ups, I would have completed the workout much faster.

Today I am running 90 minutes which should be around 10 miles. It's been raining all morning, but we are supposed to get a break in the rain this afternoon so I will go soon. I feel yesterday's workout in me, but I think this is the best I've ever felt the day after Murph.

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