Thursday, May 21, 2009

This one hurt/running on rubber legs

I will start with yesterday's workout. Yesterday was one of those days that the plan almost did not come to fruition. I could not roll out of bed in the morning - probably because I was up too late (working!) the night before. I got home a little later than planned - again, busy at work. As soon as I got home my wife wanted to go to the store and wanted me and our daughter to go with her. I could not with good conscience say no as she was going to pick up a shower gift for a co-worker of mine. I'm trying not to be grouchy, but its really hard as we are burining daylight and I'm bound and determined to get my ride in. As soon as we got home I changed and hopped on the bike. The sun was already starting to go down so I chose a shorter route than I originally planned. I rode for about 45 minutes and the workout out portion of the ride was done, but now it was dark and I wanted to get off the roads. I got home and immediately brought the bike into the basement, put it on the trainer and finished my ride. It was rather enjoyable as I hadn't had a really good sweat in a while. The pushups went well - did two sets of 25. I'll be happy when I can do one set of fifty, but this is definately progress.

Now for today's workout. Like the blog is titled - This one Hurt!

I guess I should get nervous when I see 30 minute workouts. My first reaction is cool, only thirty minutes of running and 30 minutes of swimming - I'll be done in an hour. The workout was 5 x 400s with fifty squats after each 400 'for time." I took the "for time" to mean that there is no rest between sets. The first 400 went fairly smooth - I ran it hard but kept in mind that there were four more after this so it was not an all out sprint. I felt that I could easily run each 400 as fast as I ran the first one. I was quickly corrected on that assumption after I did my first set of 50 squats. I felt like I was running on rubber legs and there was no way that the second 400 was as fast as the first one. So now instead of thinking not bad, only three left, I'm thinking "oh crap, there's three left!" I pushed on - I'm no quitter! My warm down after the fifth set of 50 squats was a walk around the track - that's pretty much all I had left in me.

After talking to Max yesterday I tried something new for my swim workout. I warmed up with a 200 and then went to doing 50's all out. I rested for about 1:15 for the first two 50's and then went to two minutes rest as I was still fatigued when I started the next set. I did not count - just kept going until I was in the pool for 25 minutes - then I did my warm down and picked up my daugher at gymnastics. We went out for ice cream - is that in the zone?

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