Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally getting into a groove

I don't quite have the work/life workout balance going yet, but I am managing to get all of my workouts in (except that one that I groused about May 11th). My car is a mess and I have not been all that tidy around the house, but my workouts are getting done. Well, I'm somewhat tidy - my workout clothes get laundered regularly, and my bike is cleaned and lubed.

I dropped my daughter off at gymnastics and immediately headed to LAF to get my workout in. This is the same workout that I did last week except the run was 15 minutes instead of 30. LAF was less crowded this week so there was absolutely no waiting. I worked this session really hard - did the whole circuit with no interruptions and no rest. The last set up step-ups were hard, but I kept the pace up and really pushed through. I rested about three minutes and then did the lunges. I used weights for the first time. It added a different dimension to the lunges.

Abs - I was able to do 10 knees to elbows on my first set, but only 4 and 5 on the next two sets - regardless it's an improvement. This was probably my best ab workout since I started the program.

Bike and run easy - nothing to report here.

Swim - I felt much smoother in the water today. Warmed up with a 500, did 6 100s and warmed down with a 200. The 500 felt really smooth and I was convinced that I would get to 8 100s before it was time to warm-down. This was a little bit of a letdown, but I will try again on Thursday - may add 5 minutes to workout to get a couple more 100s in unless Max tells me I can't.

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