Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a sneaky bastard

Training is not always easy when you have a job and a family. Lately my wife has been a little resentful of the amount of time I spend training (which I personally consider minimal). I believe the biggest reason that she is feeling resentful is because she has been having a bout of vertigo and it has impacted her passion in life which is ice skating. We believe we may have found the cause of this which is an allergy medication that she has been taking. She stopped taking it and will try skating in a couple of days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I did not get up to workout in the morning as I was feeling unusually weary (due to prior day race?). As my wife was leaving for work she asked me if I was going to be working late. I immediately jumped on this opportunity and said yes. Well, I did work late, but I snuck out and did a spinning class at 5:30 and then returned to the office.

O.k. for those of you (Dave and Max) wondering why I would do a spinning class after race day, let me explain. LAF will let you use the spinning bikes when there is no class going on. I initially intended to go in and use a bike to do my aerobic bike for an hour. When I got there a class was forming up. I could have rode a lifecycle, but the spinning bikes are a much more realistic feeling bike ride than the lifecycles. I went in and tried to get a bike in the back (corner would have been even better) so that I could just do my own thing and enjoy the music. Unfortunately, all the bikes in the back were taken so it was either in the front or in the middle. I opted for the middle. I'm sure most people don't pay attention to what anyone else is doing, but I felt like a real slacker as everyone else is doing what the instructor tells them to (standing, cranking up the intensity, sprinting, etc.) and I'm just humming along at a decent cadence going at an aerobic pace just killing an hour. I stood up with the class a few times, but it was just to get the pressure off for a few minutes. I spun up a few times just to change it up a little, but I kept it in my mind at all times that this was an aerobic ride, not a hard workout. Tomorrow is a hard workout and I wanted to make sure I am going to be ready for it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the instructor was a lunatic. He likes to get loud and and really tried to push the class. Man, it was hard to resist getting into it.

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