Sunday, May 24, 2009


I struggled with a title and therefore did not use one. A few came to mind, "Good news/bad news," "smoked again," and "the Difference a Day Makes" all came to mind.

Saturday was a relatively easy day after a day off on Friday. Although it was an easy day I could still feel the effects of Thursdays workout in the legs. I felt pretty comfortable on the run other than the little rollers I ran up. The bike was an easy pace and the only issue was that I was thinking about the next day's ride (today) as they felt far from recovered.

I rode with Dave today, or should I say we started at the same time. A day made a big difference as my legs felt strong, probably the best they have since I started this program. As we started riding Dave mentioned that he did not have any zip in his legs and I put a little gap on him on the first hill we climbed. I know now that he was just playing possum as when we got to the "real" hill he smoked me. My legs felt pretty good but I know better than to ride a long hill at someone else's pace. There was one point on the hill where I actually thought I was gaining, but I think it was an optical illusion because as we got closer to the top it was clear that there was a fairly large gap (but not as large as the last two times we climbed this hill - I'm coming for you!). I never saw Dave again after he crested the hill. When I crested the hill I downed a gel, took a pull of water, put my head down and pedeled my heart out. I had two ways I could have ended the ride - either fairly flat or up a hill (Highland Road). I opted for the Hill thinking ahead to Litchfield Hills - you pretty much climb a hill right before you transition to the run. Max tells me that speed is irrelevant - its time and effort, but I could not help but to take a peak after the ride. My average was well over 1 mile per hour more than the last time I did this ride (three weeks ago I think). I will probably get chastised for saying this, but I think that's relevant.

The run was an easy out and back for 30 minutes. Transition felt fairly comfortable.

Tomorrow's workout is only 30 minutes - that means ouch!

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