Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5/12/09 - Part II

Today was much better. I was bound and determined to get my workout in. I did a workout that I have done a couple of times before with a twist. The weight came off the bar, but the exercises had to be done "for time" and no rest in between sets. The workout was to superset squats, box jumps and steps-ups (three sets of 12), then three sets of 12 reps of lunges and then 9 sets of 15 ab exercises. A 15 minute easy bike, 30 minute run and 30 minutes in the pool.

Now, the gym was very crowded when I got there, but there was a squat rack available, but no bench. I decided to get started and hope that equipment frees up as I go or that I can jump in with someone. I did the first 12 reps of squats and was thinking this is easy, Max must be going soft. I lucked out and was able to get right on a bench to do box jumps and then I used the same bench to do the step ups (bar, no added weights). I'm still thinking this is pretty easy. I turned to go back to the squat rack and someone was using it to do something other than squats (would have been hard to jump in). The squat rack next to it had the same weights on it that were there when I walked in so I immediately racked those weights and started my next set - again still feeling no pain. Box jumps on set two were going o.k. but I started feeling it on the step-ups. I turned around to go back to the squat rack and it was being used (the perils of not having weight on the bar). I jumped in right after he finished his set and finished the third set - I could definately feel that the legs were worked.

A note on the ab workouts - I am actually starting to be able to see my abs again - not a six pack - I think I only have a two pack right now, but that's better than where I started from. I have been doing an exercise called knees to elbows that Max showed me. I was not able to do these when I first started, but I can do five on each set now and I expect this will continue to improve (I will be pumped when I can get 15).

Bike and run went well. Run felt better than the last two times I did this workout. Not sure if that is due to not putting weight on the bars or to me getting in better shape. Swim - I felt the need to do a long-distance non-stop swim so after my warm-up I swam a 1000. It felt pretty good. I don't feel I am quite where I left off last year, but I am coming along. Muscles feel looser and I still had a little power at the end of the 1000.

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