Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, it finally happened. I missed a workout. The feeling is one of extreme letdown. I realize that sometimes life gets in the way, but it still does not feel good. Work was a busy day, I had to bring my bike into the shop to finish the bike fit which blew the luchtime hour which is when I usually swim and the family likes to see me at least a little each day. I got the swim in after work hours and thought I might be able to get my mountain bike out for some hill repeats after I got home (would have been doing them in the dark, but that's o.k.). I had to spend a little time with my daughter and, well, fell asleep while watching t.v. with her. That was it for the day.

I hope to make up for it today by having an awesome workout.

Sunday I rode hills with my sometimes training partner Dave. He is still kicking my butt up the hills, but I was not as far behind him as the last time we rode. Progress is good! Dave liked one of the hills on the modified hill course that I introduced him to so we rode it three times. I'm still sore from the 75 pushups I did on Sunday, but it's a good sore. I had to break it up - can't do 75 straight yet - I did 20, 15, 20 & 20. I don't think I was able to do even 10 straight when I started less than a month ago so I am making progress.

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