Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tapering is a mental head game

Sunday was a day off. I felt like crap! My joints were swollen and I felt tired and run down and my legs felt heavy. How could this be? Saturday was an easy day and my last heavy workout day was the Tuesday before.

Monday I woke up feeling much better. Joints were back to normal and my legs felt lighter - more spring to them - still not feeling at my best, but much better than Sunday.

Did my five sets of three squats with 125 pounds - very good form (if I do say so myself).

Tuesday - Feel o.k., not great but o.k. It is raining and dreary out which always effects me so I would not expect to feel 100%.

Helen is on tap for tonight - will do it after I drop Alicia off at Gymnastics.

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  1. hang in there martin. your going to have a great race. I love helen! its one my favs. enjoy!