Friday, October 8, 2010

Not feeling it

This has been a crap week of tapering. Sunday - knees ached. Mon & Tue - back was sore. Wed - felt o.k., but missed workout due to dinner meeting in Branford. Thursday and today - feel like I have a cold - could be allergies due to the rain (the only thing I never got treated for was mold). I don't feel bad enough to skip the event plus I have really been looking forward to it, but this is not the best I have ever felt going into an event.


  1. You'll do fine. Good luck tomorrow...the good side is that it'll be a beautiful run that will get your day/weekend started!

  2. hope you have a great race tomorrow. Try to forget about the week and focus on your race.

  3. I'm feeling a little punk this week too Martin...

    But, I think you're going to do great this weekend! Just have fun with it!