Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haven't been doing much

I managed three workouts last week, run on Sunday, Crossfit workout on Monday and Tabata bike (16 rounds) on Thursday.

I started this week off with a workout I made up myself - 10 leg presses, 10 lat pulls, 50 situps for four rounds. In retrospect, 50 situps each round was probably a bit much, but I made it through.

I have been unbelievably busy at work - I know, I know - I am sounding like a broken record. It's a good thing considering how many people are out of work. Actually, if things keep going the way they are we might be putting somebody back to work.

This is where crossfit is going to save me - In about another week I am going to try to get more regular with the workouts - still letting my body heal. Some days I still feel pretty beat up, but some of the cricks, and aches, and strange pains are starting to go away.

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