Friday, October 1, 2010

Got my Garmin

I finally broke down and got a Garmin GPS/HR monitor. It's quite the tool - been playing with it all night. It actually seems easier to use than the Polar and I am sure it is way more accurate.

I got the 305 - main differences between the 305 and 310 is that the 310 is water proof up to 50 meters and the battery lasts longer. The 305 is merely water resistent (no swimming). After taking a look at it, plus I've seen them at races, I was fairly sure I would not be swimming with it anyway. Anyway, the price difference was close to $200.00 so I think I made the wise decision.

I will use it on my run tomorrow and determine if it is going to be helpful in the marathon or a distraction. I'm already leaning on using it, but need a little experience with it before concluding that its the right thing to do.

My sister's house is somewhere around the 12 mile marker of the new course. I'm going to stash half my nutrition at the end of her driveway and pick it up on the way by. I plan to run light - one water bottle and powergels in the loops on my race number belt. There's plenty of water, I just like to carry water so that I don't have to stop at the more congested water stops - I also refill when I run out as there is a couple of spots where the stations seem pretty spread out.

Oh yeah and I did a workout tonight too. 21 situps, run 200m, 18 situps, run 200m down to 3 situps run 200m. Due to all of the rain I did not think the track would be a suitable place for this workout so I did it on the treadmill - 8:48. I don't have access to my log right now, but I think this is a decent time for me.

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  1. i've got a garmin and I find it useful. good luck with your race.