Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ill fated bike ride

I started off on an easy bike ride yesterday that was supposed to last 30 minutes. I was 15 minutes into the bike ride and had a blow out. First flat of the year. I figured "no problem, I'm an expert at changing these things." Took the wheel off, got the tire and old tube off, put the tire halfway back on and put the new tube in, put the tire the rest of the way on, inflated (too much!) and blew my second tube of the day. No more tubes and left my phone on the charger at home - not that anyone was home to pick me up anyway. So I says to myself - am I a triathlete or what? So I take my bike shoes off and start running home pushing my bike barefoot (my second workout was supposed to be an easy 15 minute run anyway).

I ran a little over 20 minutes and had to stop because my feet were getting raw. I think I went a little over two miles. The good news is that I had my metronome with me and I was able to set the cadence for a little over 90 - held it the whole time.