Thursday, August 5, 2010

Greetings from Cancun

Well, I'm enjoying my vacation with family and friends. I am doing a little working out but I honestly have not even looked at my plan - just doing what I feel like doing. Sunday I went for a run on the beach - wore running shoes as there was a lot of shells near our resort and I did not want to cut my feet up. I managed a 30 minute run - running in the sand is quite the calf workout - really felt it in my achilles.

I went for a short ocean swim later in the day.

Monday I swam in the pool - the pool is huge. Must be about 100 yards long. Went about 20 minutes - did two sets of two laps all out - other than that it was a fairly easy pace.

Went scuba diving Monday for the first time in my life. It was a blast!

Tuesday - went to the fitness center. Rode a spinning bike - did a tabata workout as I felt like pushing it a little. Then I did some lat pulls and tricep pulldowns.

Wed - ran on the beach again - this time barefoot. Managed 40 minutes and then did 100 pushups for time (3:38).

Went scuba diving again (two tank dive). I think I may have found a new love. I need to get certified!

Thur (today) - woke up feeling groggy - skipped a morning workout - will go later if I feel up to it.

Oh yeah, I need to work on my spanish - I took two years in High School and two years in college, but never really had a chance to practice it - funny how a lot of the words come flooding back to you when you are in a spanish speaking area. Unfortunately I forgot more than I remember.

Hasta Luega!


  1. Hey Martin, if you want to practice we can talk :) Hasta luego amigo!

  2. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying every minute! Have a safe trip back!