Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slow recovery

I took Sunday off and rode easy Monday and Tue. Today is Wed and I am still feeling the effects of Patriot in my legs. I have a swim and a 5000m row today that will give me an indication of where I stand. Bike intervals tomorrow will clear up any questions.

Did 100 pushups for time yesterday and completed them in 4:22 vs. 4:57 in April and 4:42 in March. I could not move my arms for a few minutes after completing this.

Making final preparations for my trip to LP. Need a new bike rack which I'm ordering today. Also need an Xnut for the bike (holds the CO2 and nozzle for the Xlab). Other than that I think I'm pretty well set - animal/house sitter lined up, hotel room paid for, etc., etc.

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  1. Meant to say how impressed I was with your results from Patriot so soon after Rev3. Keep up the good work.