Sunday, May 9, 2010

I was irritable today

Woke up this morning and since it's mother's day I drove to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee and breakfast for my wife. daughter and myself (out of food again - I must eat a lot). Carol gets a glazed stick (irritates the hell out of me - all bad carbs, no protein), Alicia gets a coffee cake muffin (slightly better, but not much), and I get a ham, egg and cheese on a crescant - not Paleo, but it does fall into the zone. Did some chores around the house that my wife usually does and then we all went grocery shopping together (I have to go or they won't buy me the foods I need plus I can get my daughter to eat slightly better if I get certain foods). All is fine until I realize that I will not be able to get my workout in before we have to leave to the in-laws for dinner. I played Wii with my daughter until we had to leave and then was very quiet at dinner - my wife sensing my mood suggested that I high tail it to L.A. Fitness after dinner so I did not miss my swim. I took her up on this - ate light at dinner so as not to spoil my swim.

This workout is turning into one of my favorites - it hurts, but it is a great sense of accomplishment to finish it. Swim 200, 10 pushups seven times. I finished in 27:51 vs. 29:58 Feb 14th (Valentine's day - some kind of theme here?). I was definately stronger on the pushups this time which is where most of the time shaving comes from.

I suspect that most of my recent good results are coming from the fact that I am catching up on my rest. Unfortunately it takes more than a couple of good nights sleep when you abuse yourself for a prolonged period of time.

I have a date with Fran tomorrow.


  1. okay, I AM a wuss! Nice job doing that workout the way it was supposed to be done!

  2. Great job! I also loved that swim circuit yesterday and felt so powerful getting out of the water to do the pushups - I wanted all eyes on me! I have also become expert at getting out in my lane, no need to use the steps anymore :)

  3. Steps! You used to use the steps! Shame on you, but congrats for not using them anymore.