Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have to earn the title

David's been calling me "The Hammer." Personally I think he's talking about himself, but I will try to live up to it. It was a quick workout today - wish I had a rowing machine at home, it's tough to convince oneself to drive to the gym for a workout that is going to take less than ten minutes to complete. My wife was trying to convince me to skip as well since we were going out and she did not want me to screw up the plans (this only strengthened my resolve to get it in). I promised her I would be quick and off I went. I was running so short on time that I did not warm up, but I figured that it was a pretty light weight on the deadlifts that it could serve as my warm-up to the rowing. Oh yeah, the workout was a short circuit of 30 deadlifts at half your bodyweight followed by a 1000 meter row. I completed the entire workout in 5:19 compared to 8:35 in January. The 1000 meter row was completed in 3:38 (3:41 in Jan). My legs felt like they were going to explode after the row - it took me a while to walk this one off. I hopped in the shower (yeah, I worked up a sweat in my five-minute workout), got dressed and headed out the door. The woman at the door had greated me less than 15 minutes earlier and now she was saying goodbye - how strange is that?


  1. Sorry Martin your not going to get away with this. You ARE the "Hammer". Look at the PR's your setting on this WOD alone!!. Outstanding!!!
    You are the "Hammer". Just accept it!!

  2. When I look back to my blogs around that time in January, it seems I was feeling a bit lethargic. Don't get me wrong, this was a great result for me, but I think the real story is that January's result was pretty poor. No, I am not a glass is half empty sort of person - I just like to be a realist.

  3. gotta agree thats a pretty big pr