Sunday, May 2, 2010

Disturbing running session

I had another running session with Max yesterday. I was hoping that the session would confirm that I have made significant improvements in my running. Unfortunately this was not the case. I asked Max to video me running (I really did not need to ask, he was planning on it). I could see it right off on the play back that I am running practically the same as I was the first time I did a running session with Max. Max had me run barefoot and although not perfect it was a significant improvement from running with shoes on.

I'm going to throw my Chi running book away - I think it is confusing me more than it is helping. For now on, Max is my only source of information on running.

On the plus side I got some really good feedback. I am going to get some flatter running shoes and slowly convert to them. Don't want to have the problems Ariel had.

I think one of the problems that I have is that I have been trying to fix everything at once - I asked Max what the number one thing that I should concentrate on - the answer "Posture." It is practically impossible to push your hip too far forward - so that is what I am going to continue to work on. Secondarily is pulling with the hamstring which I thought I was doing, but the video does not lie. Third is supple foot - I'm still flexing which is especially going to haunt me on the long runs.

40K bike time trial. This was a good ride - rode to my running workshop. If you're familiar with the area you will understand why the ride was so enjoyable. I started going hard at the corner of 191 and 140 in Broad Brook. I went all the way down 140 to Windsor Locks and turned right on route 159 and then took the left fork at Suffield Road. Went up Suffield Road and took a left up a road that I can't remember the name of - basically rode some of the back roads in Suffield and eventually weaved my way to Route 168 which takes you past Congomond Lake to Route 10. Those Suffield back roads are unbelievable - I think I only encountered one moving car the whole time I was on those roads - at least eight miles of riding traffic free. There was one decent hill on 168 which I rode well. Turned left on Route 10 and finished the 40k right around where 10, 20 and 189 converge. Finished in 1:14:42 which equates to about 20 mph average. Not bad considering I had to stop at two intersections and had a significant slowdown on Route 10 due to a traffic issue. After I got by there I was flying - Route 10 is very fast. Between warm-up, 40k and ride home I got about 60 miles in. Feeling the effects of being out in the sun for too long today though.


  1. Sounds like a good ride - I am only about 10 minutes from 10,20and 189 intersection, so if you ever get in a jam, I can come get you :) or meet you and ride.

  2. In that case, let's plan a ride around the resevoir. Dan, you in? How about May 22nd - I'll have to check with coach to make sure that's o.k. as I believe I am tapering for Rev3 around that time period.

  3. Great time on the ride Martin. I would really like to, but the 22nd I have an Olympic race. Maybe the 23rd? Erica, I know this is the organized REV3 ride, but it looks like an 8am start would mean a really, really early start for me. Maybe we could meet a little later?

  4. What's this about an organized Rev 3 ride? Might be something I'm interested in.

  5. Martin

    Excellent results again on the bike!!! Way to hammer. I will be posting on my blog background on REV 3 organized ride & my experience from last year. Stay tuned.