Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best 10k ever

It was wet and the air was heavy and damp, but I was bound and determined to have a good run. I decided to start hard and just try to hold on. I finished the first mile in 7:33 which is pretty close to how I start a 5k. Miles were as follows:

1 7:33
2 7:55
3 8:02
4 8:11
5 8:39
6 9:03
6.2 51:15 average pace 8:14

I know this strategy does not work well for most people, but I have my best times when I overcook the first mile. In my log I have one recorded time that came out better than this, but that was when my GPS was not synchronized - I am fairly sure that this is my best 10k yet. I would love to get under 50:00 and if I ever get this pose thing figured out it is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.

I have Cindy to do tonight after I taxi my daughter home from gymnastics and I plan to PR that as well - there, now I said it so I have to do it.


  1. Cool running Martin, go get Cindy!

  2. Excellent run - I think sometimes the rain acts a very good motivator. Have fun w/Cindy later.

  3. great job Martin- you are speedy!...hope Cindy was nice to you tonight!

  4. great job on the run Martin! can't wait to hear about Cindy :)