Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swim and Wall Balls

The wall balls were on the schedule for yesterday's workout, but I do not have a medicine ball at home (asked for one for christmas, but didn't get it) and I was going to LAF today anyway so what was the harm in moving it a day. I knew I had to swim before doing the wall balls - doing them before a swim would have really trashed my stroke. Well.............doing them after the swim was no easy feat. You use your back in wall balls a lot more than you think - you can really feal it when you do them after a swim. I used the same ball as the last time and it definately felt heavier. Somewhere around number 75 I started to get into a rhythm, unfortunately it did not last long. On rep number 127 I caught the ball off balance and fell over backwards. It's kind of funny now that I think of it :). Finished this workout in 8:05. I don't really have a good comparison for the last time I did this as I guestimated the time at 7:30, but it could have been a little more or less.

Splits for the swim were as follows: 6:49, 6:54, 6:59. I lost five seconds on each 400. The 6:49 is eight seconds faster than the best 400 from the last time I swam 400s; however last time was at 80% effort vs. 100% effort today.


  1. Those wall ball shots could be dangerous if you fall out of the rhythm, as you now know. Sorry but I laughed a bit because I can definitely see this happening to me.

  2. Martin

    Way to hammer out those 400's!!!