Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing ride

There was no way I was going to waste a nice day like this. I took my bike off the trainer, found a water bottle and stuffed some CO2 and a spare tube in my pocket and off I went. This was a 20 mile time trial. It took me 59:40 to complete - my goal was to average 20 mph so this was accomplished.

Now, let me explain why this was an even better result than it looks on paper. I woke up this morning feeling like crap (pretty run down). I think my allergies are rearing their ugly head. I picked a poor route (due to lack of time for planning) and had to stop at two Traffic lights. Then, when I got to where I thought my finishing spot was going to be I still had three miles to go. My immediate reaction was to take a left turn towards home and go past my house to get 20, but there was traffic coming so I made a last minute decision to take another route so I did not have to wait for traffic to clear. I was convinced that the two stops and altering the route plus the fact that my bike is not set up yet (no aero drinking system in place) would slow me down considerably. I was very pleased with the end result.

My heart rate teetered between 157 and 158 and climbed a little over 160 on the hills. Pedal stroke felt somewhat smooth, but not as fluid as it should. Considering this is the first ride outside in a long time, I will take it!

Did I mention I love my new bike!

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  1. Great to have the ride outside - hope you get some more soon :)