Thursday, February 25, 2010

What am I, chopped liver?

One of the things I get a charge out of is the comments that people post to the blog. I see comments in Ariel's blog, Janes blog, etc. Mine? Zilch, zero, none!!

I guess my posts have gotten boring, blah, blah blah.................. Same 'ol rhetoric, different day.

Today's workout - AMRAP in 15 minutes of 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 500m row. I started the workout and thought wow! this is going to be easy. Yeah, shoot me now - how can I be so naive still? When I finished the burpees and pushups on the second set I noticed that my watch wasn't running - I know I hit the button. Come to think of it though, I did not hear it beep. I turned it on at that time and estimated that 2.5 minutes had gone by. I finished five full rounds by the time my watch read 12:30 (my estimated 15 minutes). Time might have been a little over, but I'm fairly certain it was no more than 16 minutes.

Tomorrow is my last workout before Hyannis. It's an easy one so there probably won't be a report - but I might still write just for the heck of it - no one reads it anyway so I will just blah, blah, blah............................................


  1. Hey Martin I always read everyones blog but don't always have something to say that I think would be interesting or relevant :)

    Keep posting & I want to hear all about your race on Sunday !!!!

  2. martyn, chopped liver ? not unless it is inspirational stuff. love the blog, I follow it on my google sidebar - part of my morning routine.. coffee, check googlemail, check facebook, google alerts, read blogs from sidebar - think about doing some work.

    If you stop blogging i will have to start work earlier, so aside from the inspiration you provide, keep blogging else i will become an efficient focussed hard working citizen.

    good luck with hyannis

  3. love reading your blog...but as jane said, i only really post if i have anything to say that's of value! GOOD LUCK at Hyannis...I know you'll do'll have to give me some pointers when you get back! Be well!

  4. Everyone is so busy focusing on each WOD there is no time to post. Only kidding. Have a great race at Hyannis. Look forward to reading your race report.

  5. I read, it's just that I don't comment. Good luck at Hyannis, enjoy the race!!

  6. Hey Martin,

    Can't wait to hear the great news from your race on Sunday. Can you mobile post? I'll be online checking on you.

  7. Hey Chopped Liver, how are you?
    My cell is 860-965-7228 if you want to give me a call while we're up at the Cape. We're going to have a SUPER race, I can just tell :)

  8. And you thought we didn't care ;-) Foot is getting better, thanks for asking. Good luck this weekend...

  9. Thanks - I thought that might get a response. Can't mobile post - intententially avoiding that type of technology. I'll try to post Sunday night when I get back home.