Thursday, February 4, 2010

They can't all be PR's

but one of them was.

I had to do my workouts back to back yesterday as they both needed to be done at LAF and I can't afford the time to get out twice. First workout row 500m, swing 20#x50, row 500m, swing 20# x 40, row 500m, swing 20# x 30, row 500m. I averaged about 1:50 per 500m and was below this going into the final 500m, but ran out of gas. Total rowing time for the 200m was 7:20. The entire workout was 13:17. The last time I did this workout it took me 15:35 (MORE THAN TWO MINUTES - I'M STOKED). So here's my secret. I used my race shoes - the ones with the elastic shoe laces. I strapped into the rowing machine and after the 500 I slipped out of the shoes and got right to the swings and then easily slipped back in for the rowing. Not sure how much time this saved, but it was definately a portion of the difference.

The next workout was an 800m swim TT. I warmed up with 250 and could tell that I was not full of energy after the rowing and swinging. I swam with as much effort as I could muster and finished the 800 in 14:17. Considering that this is only 20 seconds off my best its not too bad. I thought it was going to come in much slower than this.

Side note - got a new seat for my bike - the Adamo tri saddle. I tried this on the fit bike at the bike shop a few months ago and loved it. I can't wait to put it on my bike - it will make the TTs so much more comfortable.

Side note 2: I'm morphing into Paleo (Paleo for athletes to be exact). I'm not into throwing away food so as I finish things (i.e. yogurt, cheese, bread) I am not replacing them. I also stocked up on chicken, steak & fish. I was already eating a lot of fruit and veggies so this is not new. I cut way back on the dairy and should be totally off it (other than cream in my coffee - gotta have a vice) in a week. Anyone got any good Paleo recipes?


  1. Nancy and I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. It was your hard work mostly and very little due to the shoes. Great job.

  2. Great improvement Martin - that's awesome.

    I have lots and lots of paleo recipes and links to some great websites that have recipes for everything - including dessert.

    I'll sort it out over the weekend and email &/or blog the details