Saturday, February 20, 2010

One week out from marathon

I'm one week out from running my 3rd marathon. Max decided to rest me a little bit before the race - how fortunate am I? There is a ball in my left calf that I have been trying to work out for two days now. It's bugging me because it feels like a cramp waiting to happen. I worked at it a bit today, but I'm not sure I broke it up at all. Used the foam roller on my legs as well - hurts so good! I need to do that more often.

I did 150 wall balls today. I used the heaviest ball I could find which weighed in about 12 pounds - weight was rubbed off the ball from so much use I took it in the locker room and weighed it on the scale. I'm glad this was the heaviest ball I could find - not sure what I would have done with a heavier ball. I forgot to turn my watch on until after the first 50 shots - the last 100 took about five minutes. Assuming I did it even it took me about 7:30.

Finding little niches of time seems to be working for getting me to push the workouts even harder. Like last night when the gym was closing and tonight I was running late for dinner. Tomorrow I have important plans with my daughter so I have to make sure I get the workout in early.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their workouts (and hopefully good nutrition).


  1. Enjoy the taper week Martin and good luck for your half marathon, looking forward to reading all about it :)

  2. Thanks Jane, but I'm running a full marathon. I try not to do anything half way :)