Saturday, February 6, 2010

New diet

So far Paleo is going well. I am almost totally off of dairy and am totally off of sugar and wheat. I am eating lots of meat, veggies, fruits and a few nuts. I'm eating a little more fish than I have in the past, but still not much fish. Still popping fish oil supplements due to this.

I am hungry all the time! The Zone would partially satiate me, but I am hungry within an hour after eating a Paleo meal or snack. I think it is due to less fiber filling up the stomache or something like that. I have not lost any energy which is important and have already leaned out a little and that is after only a week and not being 100% Paleo.

Paleo for athletes allows for some deviations during exercise and post exercise. I am trying to drink a recovery drink within a half hour after exercise to try to speed up recovery. This is only after the real intense efforts (aren't they all!) lasting more than half an hour. I made an exception yesterday and drank a recovery drink as that circuit really kicked my but.

I'm not trying to lose any weight and don't expect to. I just want to be a lean, mean, triathlon machine.


  1. Good work Martin, if you are getting hungry that soon I would say that you are not eating enough - maybe you should have another look at your portion sizes

  2. Hi Martin,

    Have just sent you through email most of the paleo information that I have - hope its of help to you