Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last couple of days

Saturday was a 45 min bike TT. I managed to get 14.11 miles in on my trainer which equates to 18.81 mph average. This really fired me up as my one hour average last week was 18.25 and my 30 min average a week before that was 18.2. I felt like I could keep this up for another 15 minutes - don't get me wrong, it was hard - I just think I am learning how to suffer.

Today was a swim and a squat/row combo. I did the swim first as I wanted to have energy for the intervals. I'm not particularly fond of 400s, but it had to be done. workout was 4x400 at 80%. My times were as follows: 6:58, 6:57, 6:59 & 7:00. The time on my watch actually said 7:07 for the last one, but some bozo was in my lane unexpectantly and caused me to have to stop. I'm pretty sure I swam it close to the other three so I adjusted.

And then ouch! I got a stinking cramp again. And while I was warming down. I don't know what's going on but it is getting really annoying. This cramp was in the hamstring. I don't think I ever cramped in the hamstring before. Of course I had to cut my cooldown short again. I managed 2100 total yards - was shooting for 2200.

I was going to do the next workout after the swim but decided to wait due to the cramp. I was back at the gym about three hours later (Carol dropped me off while she did a little shopping at Evergreen). I did the squats with 135 pounds - so it was squat 21 reps, row 500, squat 15 reps, row 500, squat 9 reps and row 500. It did not say "for time" but I think that's implied. I finished the workout in 16:11. All rows were done under 1:50 pace (around 1:48 average). There was no ill effects from the morning cramping.

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