Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Naive I can be

Second workout today - which I'm pretty sure I did right! 10k on a treadmill 5% grade. First I get to LAF and the damn parking lot is full. I must have gotten there at happy hour. I was worried first that I would not find a locker and second that finding equipment would be a problem. As soon as I walked through I knew there would not be a problem with equipment - there were quite a few people in excercise classes. Had to look pretty hard for a locker though.

O.k., the workout. On paper does not look so bad - yes I knew it would be challenging due to the incline, but I still figured it would be an hour of pain and then I go home. Pain does not even begin to describe what I went through. First I started on an upstairs treadmill - My god was it hot up there! Plus I had a regular water bottle vs. a squirt bottle and hydrating was a chore. I figured I would set the speed for 6 mph and just hold it - WRONG! I held it for about a mile and then had to drop it down to 5.7. After 5K I was totally soaked and was not cooling at all so I TEMPORARILY quit to see if the one and only downstairs treadmill was open - it was. I hopped on an set it for 5K at 5.5 mph figuring I would get back to 5.7 after a few minutes - WRONG AGAIN! O.k. and the damn stop botton is in the worst freaking (keeping it clean) place. I accidently hit it twice while trying to get this very painful workout done. I cussed pretty loud the first time - I don't cuss that much but the brain doesn't work the same when it's oxygen deprived. I had just looked at the mileage so I knew I had completed .6 and had 2.5 miles to go. I did 1.25 miles and hit the f____ing button again! Set it for 1.25 and finished. I was pissed off at this point so I actually bumped the speed up a little. I was doing 6.2 by the time I finished and did the last .25 at 6.5. I had to piece meal my time together for an overall and can only come up with what I think is a decent estimate. I believe, all told, I completed this workout somewhere in the neihborhood of 1:05:30 to 1:06. Would you believe that I found a squirt water bottle buried in my gym bag as I was getting ready to leave?


  1. Sometimes MAX WOD looks fine in paper, but... a big BUT in reality are HARD!!!!!

    I learn to never approach any WOD thinking this will be easy, because if I think this will be easy and then is not, I have to fight double and when you fight you loose precious energy which should be allocated to get your best results.

    Currently I'm working on try to develop a "mind attitude" towards the WOD and with the race in mind, that means trying to work on imagine how and where I will reach for "extra motivation" on taught WOD or Race day.

  2. Way to keep on it, Martin! I've been there before with the stop button - sooo frustrating, but it takes a lot of mental toughness to keep going - so great finish to your long day! And tip of the day: keep a few extra squirt bottles in your car. :)

  3. And here I was complaining how hard my 3K run at 5% was - now I am grateful it was only a 3k - but agree, all day I was thinking I would just bang out 1.86 miles - those incline runs are so hard and even with my short distance, I was drenched. Good job!