Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conclusion - I'm beat up

Last night was four 1 mile all out efforts with 8 minutes rest between. Warmed up with a moderate mile, rested a couple of minutes and got right to it. Times are as follows:
Time Avg HR Max HR
1. 7:35 157 164
2. 7:30 157 167
3. 7:50 156 167
4. 7:55 152 164

I generally run my miles pretty even and have run the mile as fast a 6:45 within the past six months. Course was rolling, but flat by CT standards - can't blame the course.

I am definately beat up. I can feel the effects of the last couple of days in my legs.

Positives, there are always positives. I ran at night - it was pretty mild for a winter night in CT. It was beautiful - stars were out, partly cloudy, snow on the sides of the street very little traffic.

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