Monday, December 21, 2009

Injured - hopefully not seriously

I was very proud of myself for getting up early this morning to get one of my workouts in. I did 50 squat cleans, 95 pounds for time. It took me 25 minutes and 50 seconds. I have no idea of knowing whether that is a good time or not, but it was the first time I ever did squat cleans. I watched various videos of squat cleans to get the technique. I realized that form would be pretty important with this workout and concentrated on getting it right. It took about five or six reps before I felt somewhat comfortable with the movements. I managed to get all 50 done. I felt fine during the excercise, but felt a twinge in my back shortly after finishing - lower right side. It did not get any worse during the day until after my swim workout. Who would have thought a swim workout would aggravate a back injury.

As a side note - I went all out on mys swim workout - 20 25s with 20 second rest. The first ten were done at about 20 seconds (20/20) and then they started to slip until it was about 23 to 24 seconds at the end. I feel proud though as every single lap was done all out. Its a mental game - I just kept convincing myself that it was the last lap before I took off. And finally it was. I was planning to warm down with a 200, but by now my back was really starting to bother me so I did a 100 warm down and took off. Total yardage was 800.

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