Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Training in AZ

I've been in AZ since Sunday. The weather has been great - mid 60s to 70s and dry. I swam Monday morning even though plan did not call for it. Swam for half hour - warmed up with a 200 and then swam a bunch of 50's and warmed down with a slow 100. Mainly just trying to stay loose plus the Wed swim wasn't going to happen as I was going to be in Sedona. After breakfast I did my 500 squats in 19:54. I'm pretty sure that beats the last time I did 500 squats, but I have to wait to get home to be sure.

Tue I ran the 5k for time. I completed this in 24:35. The course was flat but very windy. I did not realize how windy it was when I started. After I completed about a half mile I looked at my watch and I was running about six minute pace. I was shocked, pleased and also knew something was very wrong - I don't run this fast (yet). I figured it out when the course turned - it was very windy - slowed my pace all the way down to 8:30 in the blink of an eye. I concentrated on keeping my form together and having quick feet to see how much of my beginning pace I could salvage. As the course turned I speeded up and slowed down according to the wind. My final average pace was 7:55 which is just about right.

I had to get going as soon as I was done as everyone was ready to go to Sedona. Did not do the 200 pushups for time until this morning. Finished in 19:30. 10k for time will be done in the morning. Swim will be done either Friday or Sat depending on the pool hours. One way or the other, the workouts will all get done, just not in the order originally intended.

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