Monday, November 30, 2009

Rest of vacation

Friday was a short, intense workout. I actually enjoyed it - the 20 minutes went by pretty fast. Saturday I swam 1650 yds for time and ran a 10k for time. I kept losing my lap count on my swim so I may have swam some extra laps. Overall time was 34:11. I ran the same hilly 10k as a few days ago. I tried a different tactic - I went easy on the way out and as hard as possible on the way back. It took me 33 minutes to do the first 5k and 25:50 for the second. My overall time was a little slower than the other day so I guess pushing throughout is a better tactic, though I did think that my return trip was going to be faster than this as I felt like I was flying down the hills and I really attacked the uphill at mile 4.

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