Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'll start with a boring training update and get to the NEW BIKE.

Yesterday was a run day - 6 miles total. 3 miles, 25 squats, 2 miles, 50 squats, 1 mile, 100 squats for time. I am actually quite proud of this workout. First, I got a cramp shortly after starting the run. Generally I just keep going and the cramp goes away - not this time. I'm going to mark this up to a bad diet day. Well anyway, I kept going, slowed down at about 2.5 miles as the cramp was aggravating me, ran to the 3 mile point and did my squats. Started the 2 mile run and the cramp went away so I picked it back up again. Hit the five mile mark and did my 50 squats - ran last mile and did the 100 squats. Total workout time was 56:18. I'm proud that I did not quit and proud of my finishing time as not long ago I would not have been able to run 6 miles in this time let alone 6 miles plus 175 squats.

I skipped today's workout due to a hectic work schedule and personal schedule. By the time I got on the stationary trainer it would have been 10:00 p.m. (and I still had work to do). I told myself I could skip today and insert a workout on my rest day. Guess what? There is no rest day this week. Well, it doesn't happen very often so I will not beat myself up too badly.

Now for the exiting news - I purchased a triathlon bike today. I've just been thinking about this all summer. I did some research and got a bike fit as it was highly recommended to me (and makes sense upon pondering it). There were a few bikes recommended based on the fit and the Cannondale Slice was one of them. I was planning to research about a dozen bikes to see if the geometry would fit me as Cannondale changed their standard builds and the 2010 bikes were a little too pricey for me. The 2009 Hi-Mod 3 was the bike I was looking at as the build suited me and I would still be able to afford race wheels. Dan suggested that we check into buying a frame and building it similar to the 2009 Hi-Mod 3 to see where it would come out price wise. Sounded like a plan and I stopped at the bike store today to see if he had a chance to put that together - He was working on it and then as we were talking he had an epiphany. Why not call Cannondale to see if they had any 2009s left - the only real difference from 2009 to 2010 is the paint job. I don't know why the obvious sometimes eludes me. Cannondale had 8 left in my size. I decided not to wait any longer and purchased one of them on the spot. It should be in sometime next week. This is actually a great stress relief as I did not want to put the time into the research that I was going to have to do especially since there was a good chance I would have ended up right where I am (except the bike may not have been available). Wheels will have to wait until next year, but I will have them before race season. I should be able to get a few rides in on the new bike before winter sets in.

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