Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week in review

After the Greenfield race I was extremely tired - almost falling asleep at the wheel tired. I blasted the a/c and occasionally rolled down the window to keep alert. I took a long nap when I got home.

I was battling a cold - it was very evident Monday morning when I woke up. It felt like someone pumped air into my head.

Skipped Monday's workout due to the cold and still trying to heal the groin.

Went mountain biking Tuesday - not feeling 100%, but actually a little better than Monday. BBQ after the bike ride was not in the zone (oops).

Wed - lifted - squats, box jumps and step-ups supersetted for time. Actually felt very good and had the most energy that I ever had for this type of workout. Biked 15 minutes and started to run 15 minutes but had to stop as my groin started to bother me again. I'm guessing the lifting aggravated the injury. Did not swim due to needing to spend time with daughter. Can't neglect the family.

Thur - swam 45 minutes. Warmed up with 1000 yards. Did two 100s on 2:00. Did three 100s all out with three minutes rest between each 100. warmed down with 200. Tried paddles - did not like them - will try again tomorrow. Ride planned for tonight.

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