Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today is Saturday and my workout plan called for five all out one mile runs with 8 minutes rest in between. I did not feel confident doing that workout due to the recent groin injury so I ran five easy miles instead - stretched real good both before and after the run. The groin felt good; however, I felt soreness/tightness in the right glute. Normally I would chalk this type of feeling up as normal muscle soreness, but it was only the right side which is the same side as the groin injury so I wonder if its related. Regardless, I took it easy and will see how I feel tomorrow.

Thurday night I rode all out for the "normal route" which is about 19.2 miles. Finished the route in about 56:50. I refused to the shift out of the big chainring and stood on all of the hills. I was running out of gas near the end, but kept pushing as I was skipping the run to get one more day rest for the groin. Also, it was getting dark and I was racing the sun (I lost).

Planned to swim Friday but that was a bust - busy at work and worked right through lunch. Would have preferred to get a swim in, but that does not pay the bills.

I'm going to an Italian wedding today - I WILL NOT BE IN THE ZONE.

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