Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This week so far

Monday - 45 minute swim. 90 laps of pool (no open water). Swam straight, no breaks. Did 40 laps with pull bouy.

Tuesday - Race simulation brick - bike was 15 minutes and run was 30. Warmed up for five minutes on bike before hitting it so total bike was 20 minutes. Run felt pretty good - no groin pain, but right glute still feels a little tight (not sore, just a little strange feeling). Did the same out and back that I usually do for my 30 minute runs and made it a little further than in the past so running is going o.k. Average HR was 151 with max at 158 (run only). Did 200 squats after brick - That was not easy (especially 150 - 200)! I can feel the squats today (Wed).

Wednesday - 45 minute aerobic bike (actually 47:30 from Dave's driveway back to Dave's driveway). Average was 18.7 according to my computer. Total distance 14.8 miles. I did not track my average and max HR, but noted that it spiked at about 152 on a hill and on most of the flats I was between 120 - 135.

30 minutes of swimming. Warmed up with a 400, 6 x 100 on 2:00, 200 warm-down. 100s are the hardest pool workout in my opinion. Because they seem so difficult I am going to incorporate them into more of my pool workouts and try to get the number of repeats up. Felt pretty good in the pool today - I finally feel like I have a decent swimming base.

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