Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good news, good news, good news, bad news

Thurday I pulled my groin muscle on the right side. O.k., sounds like I'm starting with the bad news, but I'm really not. Yesterday it hurt pretty bad and I could not stand on my right leg to put my left sock on.

First set of good news - feels a little better today - still had to support myself putting sock on, but it did not hurt as much as yesterday.

Second set of good news - I am fairly sure that it will not affect my swimming.

Third set of good news - went for a bike ride this morning and although I could feel the soreness, it did not effect my riding at all. As a matter of fact, standing was quite comfortable. Ride today was one hour aerobic ride with five sets of three minutes standing and one minute sitting. Like I said standing was quite comfortable. Average speed was 18.4, total ride time 1:02, max HR 162 (I refused to shift to small chain ring on one hill), average HR 139.

Bad news - skipped run today to let groin recover. I am fairly certain that the pull will effect my running; however, I am still going to race Greenfield tomorrow (I already paid and I'm weird about that). I will take it easy on the run, but plan to push the swim and bike and hopefully destroy my splits from last year. If it hurts too much I will either walk or pull out - not worth aggavating the injury. I have bigger fish to fry this summer and into the fall.

All in all, it seems like a minor pull and will probably heal in a week. I learned a lesson about doing speed work in the morning (I usually do my speed work early evening). When done in the morning, additional warm-up and stretching is a must.

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