Thursday, July 23, 2009

The week in review

Monday - I did the workout called Kelly today. 400s, box jumps and wall ball - substituted thrusters for wall ball as I do not have a 20 pound ball at my house. five sets took me 35 minutes and I worked up quite the sweat.

Tuesday - Mixed up the order to make sure that I got the swim in before I had to leave the gym. Did the run and bike first, then the swim (60 laps straight - no sets), picked up my daughter at gymnastics and then finished the workout at home. I felt very good with the weights portion of the workout - worked abs real hard - sore today still (Thursday).

Wed - Aerobic one hour ride - did what Dave and I call the regular route. Finished in slightly over an hour with an 18.7 mph average. Felt loose - HR was anywhere from 120 to 150 but mostly below 140.

Thursday - Ran 5K for time. Warmed up a little over a half mile then ran the 5K. Did it in 24:40 (7:57 pace) which is probably not a PR, but I doubt I have run this fast in quite some time. I think my warm-up needs to be longer next time as it took about a mile to get into a good rhythm. Warmed down and then headed for the pool. Planned on warming up with a 400, doing 100s on 2:00 and then warming down with a 200 or 300. I had to stop after 200 as my shoulders were very tight. I stretched for a while and tried again - still very tight. Swimming was miserable and felt like a real chore - I bagged the workout after about 3 100s. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday is generally an off day but I am going to Lake Placid this weekend and will not get a workout in on Sunday as I volunteered to work an aid station at the race. I am moving Saturday's workout to Friday and Sunday's workout to Saturday.

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