Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mixed results

I did the Pat Griskus sprint last night. Results were mixed. It was by far the worst swim I did all season. I swam unbelievably crooked. I must have swam an extra 200 yards. As much as this is bothersome - it is in the past and I will use it as a learning tool. In the event that I do this race next year, I will have a much better idea how to swim it.

My first transition was very slow - I need to work on this. The wetsuit came off slow - I lubed up good before the race, but still had trouble getting it off. Could be because I"M SO WEAK FROM FOUR HARD DAYS PRIOR TO THE RACE. Or it could be that I need to practice this aspect of racing as well. I think I can pick up at least a minute by improving my transitions.

The bike was hilly as advertised. I did some passing on the hills and got passed a few times on the hills. Not sure what my average was - probably between 19.5 to 19.7. This is why I like the longer bikes - I was starting to get the average up and then the ride was over.

I like what I did on the run. I'm still not a great runner and probably never will be, but my running continues to improve. There was a good hill near the end of the run - I ran it hard - it definately slowed me down, but I was able to run it hard and roll off the top - I passed a few people who passed me earlier in the run on the hill and shortly after the hill - that's a good feeling.

I'm not racing again for 3 and a half weeks - gives me a chance to focus on swimming straight and better transitions - also it's a race I have done a couple of times - it will be a great guage of where I am compared to last year.

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