Thursday, May 14, 2009

05/14/09 - ouch! I got a cramp

Today was a fun workout - until the end. Today called for a 30 minute swim and a 5k for time followed by 1 mile for time. I generally try to break up my swim and run workouts, but was unable to do so today due to work committments. I ran first. After a 10 minute warm-up, I ran the 5k hard. I was basically running by feel but snuck a couple of looks at the HR monitor. HR was between 160-165. Time for the 5k was 27:11. I realize that time is irrelevant, but I wanted to put this in here so I have something to look back to. After a 15 minute rest I ran 1 mile for time. I ran on a bike path that has mile markers marking every 10th of a mile. I started at the 4.5 mile marker meaning I should stop at the 5.5 mile marker. Unfortunately there was no 5.5 mile marker - the next marker was at 5.65 (I know, a strange distance). The one mile felt better than the 5K, probably because I was looser. I felt like I was really moving (I wasn't). I gave it everything I had - there was no way I could have possible gone faster. I actually tried to pick up the pace at the 5.3 mile marker, but I was already flooring it. The strange thing is that I felt I could keep going. Probably not for long, but definately another half mile.

I swam right after the run - well after I cooled down a little first. I started with a 500 to warm-up and then went to swimming 100s with 20 seconds rest between each 100. I lost count, but I believe I did 6 or 7 100's before my foot started to cramp. I planned on doing 10. At first I massaged it out and then just started swimming easy as it was getting close to time to cool down anyway. I swam about 6 laps and then the cramping started bad. Good thing there's no deep end in the pool at LA Fitness. This one would not be easily rubbed out. I limped to the shower hoping that some hot water would help - it didn't. It finally started to ease up while I was getting dressed. I guess I know why they don't put the swim last in Triathlons. There would be too many drownings. I would like to get to where I am swimming 2000 yards in a half hour workout. I would have made it to 1700 today if I could have finished the workout. Well, I have something to shoot for next week anyway.

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