Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's the third day after the event and I feel unbelievably good. Been sleeping real good - that's the body repairing itself. I went for a short bike ride yesterday - planned on 45 minutes but only did 20. The worst soreness is the chafing from the bike seat - it needs a few more days to heal. I probably won't be able to sit on the seat until after I get back from Cancun. Legs feel pretty good - hammies are a little tight and feet are blistered a little, but overall feel good.

My bike is very sticky from the gels - it'll get a good washing soon.

I was off the diet Monday and Tue, but am getting back on it today. I feel that I will recover more quickly if I am dedicated to good nutrition.

What can I say about Crossfit? I feel strong and in my opinion had a successful first Ironman. My recovery is going quickly and would probably be going better if I was able to ride the bike more yesterday.

I did a few pushups last night in order to push some blood through the arms and chest. Today is a day off, but I will probably do Monday's workout that I skipped since Saturday is a travel day.

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