Thursday, June 17, 2010

You can call me "The Hammer"

Honestly, I did not like the title when David initially labled me; however, it's starting to grow on me. Last night, on my way home from work I stopped at LAF to do a quick Xfit workout - 21 burpees, 500m row, 15 burpees, 500m row, 9 burpees, 500m row. I completed the workout in 10:10 vs. 11:00 March 25th. Here's how it went down: The first set of burpees went pretty well - chest still sore from prior workouts, but not too bad. First row was awesome - not sure of the exact time as I did not keep splits; however it was between 1:40 - 1:45, the 15 burpees were a little harder but I made it through. The next row was a little harder but I was still feeling pretty strong and finished around 1:45. Although the 9 burpees were way fewer than what I started with they were the most painful, but in this case pain is good. I was really starting to feel it on the last 500m row, but I kept hearing Max's voice in my head "if you are not in excruciating pain, you are not doing it right." I pulled as hard as I could - totally discounting the fact that I was gasping for air and could barely see the little screen telling me how far I had gone due to my vision blurring. I could see it enough to know when I hit 500. I knew better than to just sit there so I starting walking around the gym trying to catch my breath - when I could breath o.k. and see straight I went home with a very satisified feeling.

Today was 4 x 400m at best 5k pace @ 3 min rest. Once again I failed miserably to pace these right. The first 400 was done in 1:37. I knew I had to back off considerably (They should have been coming in around 1:50 - 1:55. The next three were 1:46. 1:47, 1:45. Still faster than what I should have been doing, but better than the first set.

Easy day tomorrow and then Patriot!

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  1. yep sounds like your doing it right! nice work.