Thursday, June 10, 2010

Needed to hold back

Today was two 5k bike intervals at 80%. Max told me after Rev3 that I would have days that I wanted to push, but to go with the plan. I think he was talking from a mental outlook due to the fact that I have Patriot right around the corner, but I physically had it today - I wanted to go.

HR monitor was not working for my first 5K so I had to go on perceived effort. First 5k was completed in 8:37 (21.6 mph). The HR monitor was working for the second one and its a good thing too. There were a couple of little risers - you know "sprinter hills." I wanted to tear my legs off on those little hills - I felt that good - but then I heard Max's voice in my head and held back. My effort crept up to about 82%, but I beat it right back down there to 80%. Can't defy the master! Second 5k completed in 8:15 (22.6 mph).

Total ride time about 40 minutes. It felt REALLY good.


  1. Happy Birthday Martin!

    You're an animal!

  2. nice job staying with the program