Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best run ever

On tap for today was a 15k run. I warmed up with some running drills - mostly posture related. I stretched a little and then off I went on a rolling rural route. I decided to keep splits this time but decided that other than the 10k split, they don't mean a whole lot due to the rolling terrain. For example mile 5 was completed in 9:38 and mile 6 was completed in 9:03. The difference was the terrain - average pace for whole run was 8:49 (first mile done in 8:03, last mile done in 8:08 - both those mile were flat to slightly downhill).

Enough with the play by play - here's where it gets exciting. I finished the 10k portion of the run faster than last week's stand-alone 10k (54:05 vs. 55:09) and completed the entire run in 1:22:14. I have only covered this distance once back in January and it took me about 1:30.

I'm off to do my second workout - just could't wait to post this, plus a few minutes rest can't hurt.


  1. excellent run! i feel your excitement when i read the blog!

  2. Excellent job. Thanks for the comment on massage, makes me feel better, well almost.

  3. great improvement Martin! :)