Sunday, July 5, 2009

It Hurts!! or.....Max is trying to kill me again

O.k., I thought that as you got in better shape the day after soreness goes away. Well....apparently there are still workouts that can put you over the edge. Yesterday's workout was a fairly short, yet intense workout. On paper, it looks like a piece of cake (yes, I was fooled again!!). The workout was four four hundreds with each four hundred followed by 100 squats. The first four hundred went smoothly as I started relatively conservatively with the knowledge that I had four hundred squats and three more four hundreds to go. By the second set of squats I knew I was in trouble. Then I started thinking, there's no one watching, who's to say that I have to do the whole workout - you know, I can change it to 50 squats - still a decent workout. Well, I would have known and it would have really rubbed me the wrong way to shortcut a workout. I will say that Max had a few extra words thrown in front of his name as I completed this workout. And today........well....................yeah, I'm still cursing him. Ironically, I don't curse him on race day.

Surprisingly, I rode well today. I could feel the soreness when I stood up, but other than that, I was fairly comfortable riding.

Now, to go back in time a couple of days. Thursday was a swim day. Again, the workout looked good on paper. Warm-up, six one hundreds, warm-down, go home. Four minutes rest in between 100s - the catch, each one hundred has to be all out. Once again, sounds easy, four laps all out gets rewarded with four minutes rest - awesome! The first two went pretty good, but I really started feeling it on the third set. I finished the third set and I was gasping for air. Only three more sets though - how hard could that be (pretty hard I found out). My lats were a little sore Friday, but nothing compare to how my legs feel today!!! I hope the foam roller can help with this.

Diets still going well, but with three parties in three days, it has not been easy this weekend. I would say, however, that I remained 75% in the zone over the weekend and considering that my stomach has shrunk considerably due to eating smaller meals more frequently, I physically could not overeat - I did have a piece of cake and a couple of beers and maybe a marguarita (or two). I can't wait to go back to work as I behave better when I am responsible for my own meal prep.

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