Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I have given up (and don't miss)

Since starting to work with Max, I decided that this was not only going to be a quest for better athletic performance, it was going to be a lifestyle change.

Here are some of things I don't do anymore:
1. Eat at fast food restraunts
2. Eat frozen or prepackaged dinners
3. Eat to excess
4. Miss workouts (only missed one and had to cut one short - not too bad)

Here are some of the things I do much less often:
1. Drink beer (probably only 18 beers in the course of two months, generally only one - the old me - well, we won't talk about that).
2. Eat at restraunts
3. Stay up late

Honestly, I don't recall ever feeling better (in my adult life) than I do now and I am only two months into this. I can't see going back to way things used to be.

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